The company operates a department for production of concrete units located nearby Khimvolokno enterprise and 3.5 km away from Vilchitsy village, a joinery department (Mogilev, 45 Shmidta avenue) and a metalware department (Mogilev, 55 Shmidta avenue).

The main goods produced by the metalware department for industrial and dwelling construction are ready-mixed concrete (41.4%), cement mortar (27.2%), precast concrete units (28.6%) and dry pressing goods (2.8%). The production capacity of the existing concrete mortar unit is up to 8 m³ per hour. A new mortar unit with the production capacity of 30 m³ per hour is being put into operation. It is designed for year-round preparation of concrete. Shear legs with hoisting capacity of 10 tons are as well being installed on an open laydown and loading site.

The department produces ready mixed concrete of all brands, from С8/В10 (М-100) to С30/В37 (М-500) with grading from 20-40 mm and 5-20 mm. There are is well produced masonry mortar mixes from brand M-50 to brand M-250.

The enterprise produces the following precast concrete goods: bulkheads of all kinds; rings, slab roofs and bottom slabs for inspection chambers; balcony slabs and reinforced concrete frames. It is mastered the manufacture of basement wall blocks of all brands.

More than 600 tons of reinforced goods are processed in the reinforcing department, among them: bar mat reinforcement, frames, reinforcing nets for brickwork etc).

The joinery department manufactures windows, doors, tables, benches, form panels, trays, pallets, fences, interior trims (molding fillets, cases, lining boards etc). The department offers services in cutting and chamfering of boards at a powersaw bench or with wood-working machines (four-sided, thicknessing, milling, grinding, tenon-cutting grinding machines and a ripsaw).

The metalware department yearly produces more than 80 tons of embedded items, erection crud products, metal constructions, metal door units and other metalware.

  • Quality


Quality is a basis of company's welfare.

The main goal in respect of quality.

Provision of high-quality works, which satisfy customers\' expectations.

The main tasks in respect of quality.

1.      Implementation of up-to-date technologies, equipment and mechanisms.

2.      Expansion of the list of the produced works and increase of the number of customers.

3.      Resources conservation.

4.      Staff training.

5.      Improvement and increase of effectiveness of the quality management system.

6.      Control and quality rating of the carried out works.

In order to achieve the goals we:

1.      Improve planning and production techniques.

2.      Achieve the core technical and economical coefficients set in the business plan.

3.      Draw the staff into improvement of the quality management system.

Train the employees individually and in groups. As well we hold the competition "Best in Their Job".